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Established in 2008 in Baghdad, Zain Middle East Food Industries specializes in bottling soft drinks, juices, water, energy drinks, and beverages in PET bottles. It is considered one of the best beverage factories in Iraq. With 200 Iraqi employees, the factory is equipped with the latest international technologies in the field, which are in line with the European production systems. It also strictly adheres to the highest standards of quality and health, whereby quality and food safety are the cornerstone for overcoming the difficulties and challenges of the work environment and ensuring customer confidence.
Through our brands, our products, and the services we offer, we are helping and inspiring people to live healthier lives. We are building, sharing, and applying nutrition knowledge, and empowering people to make informed decisions about what they eat and what they feed their families. Our “Start Healthy, Stay Healthy” program helps parents and caregivers provide their children with the best start in life and establish healthier eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits.
Zain Al-Hayat was established in Baghdad in 2014, and on 15/3/2015 production at the factory, which is equipped with modern European machinery, started. Now, Zain Al-Hayat is one of the leading companies in Iraq specialized in the manufacturing and bottling of natural juices and sterile water. We take pride in the production of juices and water at the highest quality standards that have won the trust of customers in the Iraqi market.
Zain Marketing
This marketing center extends over an area of 3000 m, with about 100 employees and 40 cars with installed GPS system. The vehicles roam all parts of Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates.
Zain International
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Zain Global
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Zain Quality
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