Chairman’s message

I am delighted to share with you more than half a century of pioneering achievements of ZainGroup.
Since almost five decades now, we have been operating in the Middle East region and have been able to gain a foothold in various industries by establishing numerous subsidiary companies. We can refer with pride to our significant contribution to the Iraqi economy as one of the most dynamic group of companies in the Iraqi market.

Our Companies

The First Step Toward Global Success

We follow four key principles in order to stay true to our vision and values, these are integrity, quality, equality, and transparency.

Following these principles enables us to work in a high performing business team to ensure we deliver the very best for our consumers and customer.

We believe that sound and responsible environmental energy management should be a priority. That’s why it’s integral to every part of our business. From the supply of our raw materials to manufacturing processes and facilities, distribution to the sale and consumption, we strive to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

In keeping with our philosophy, we aim to use 100% natural colors and flavors across the range. We ensure the palm oil.